The ADA Binder Package with Executive Editor L. Scott Lissner

Supporting individuals with disabilities — now estimated at 10% of your student population — requires balancing complex compliance requirements with providing equally-effective, integrated access to programs, benefits and services across your entire campus.

Does your institution have a campus-wide framework for equity, access and compliance that will retain this important and growing population and comply with ADA/Section 504?

Equity, access and compliance cannot be the responsibility of one office. Take action now to engage the entire campus community in reducing barriers to access to better serve your diverse and dynamic population of students and employees with disabilities.

Use The ADA Binder Package, CDs & Digital Training Videos and you can:

  • Improve recruitment efforts by implementing best practices for creating effective, inclusive learning environments for people with disabilities.
  • Increase retention by removing barriers to access and disclosure across campus and providing seamless access across spaces, services and programs.
  • Keep your campus in compliance with the ADA and Section 504 and effectively manage documentation requirements to avoid costly litigation or federal investigations.
  • Elevate your institution’s reputation for supporting individuals with disabilities by reframing disability as a part of students’ diverse identities and engaging the entire campus community in facilitating access.

Increase the participation and satisfaction of your students with disabilities and avoid costly legal and compliance missteps when you use The ADA Binder Package!


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Meet the Executive Editor: L. Scott Lissner

L Scott Lissner

ADA Coordinator and 504 Compliance Officer, The Ohio State University

Past President of the Association on Higher Education And Disability (AHEAD)

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