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ADA Strategies: Managing Documentation, Compliance Requirements and Training Binder


Compliance comes down to your staff — you must deliver effective training that makes your staff competent, comfortable and confident with ADA compliance issues. And the responsibility to ensure access and compliance must be shared among staff from all corners of your campus.

The ADA Strategies: Managing Documentation, Compliance Requirements and Training Binder delivers expert guidance for identifying an institutional philosophy of disability and implementing a campus-wide approach to avoid administrative missteps. You’ll learn to effectively manage documentation and compliance requirements, while ensuring that campus community members understand their important roles.

Specifically, when you apply the techniques inside ADA Strategies: Managing Documentation, Compliance Requirements and Training you and your staff will be able to:

  • Identify your campus philosophy of access and determine your campus’ allocation of responsibilities.
  • Develop effective strategies for ADA documentation and for providing notice about the availability of accommodations while meeting administrative requirements of the ADA/Section 504 Notice.
  • Use case studies to explore possible ADA scenarios and build practical, hands-on decision-making skills — and avoid mistakes when real cases present themselves.
  • Train a variety of stakeholders, including staff, faculty, administrators and students, to build best practices for handling funding, liability, grievances, documentation, notice and more to avoid costly legal and reputational missteps.
  • Deploy ready-to-use, tangible tools — including handouts, worksheets, fact sheets, and self- and climate assessments — that save you time, effort and energy developing and implementing training.
  • Respect students’ privacy and right to disclose their disabilities — or not.

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ADA on Campus: Reasonable Accommodations and Improving Access Binder


To retain today’s students and employees with disabilities, proactive institutions are reframing their institutional philosophy to view disability as a part of individuals’ diverse identities. Removing administrative hurdles so multiple offices provide access to reasonable accommodations is crucial to increasing diversity and satisfaction, benefiting the whole campus community.

Does your institutional approach toward people with disabilities take into account the social and identity model of disability when identifying barriers and facilitators to access and disclosure?

Learn how to reframe your disability policies and practices and adapt lessons learned from recent campus legal cases in an effort to stop compliance issues before they even begin. And see how various campuses are providing specialized efforts within the realms of chronic health conditions, auxiliary aids, emotional support animals, physical and invisible disabilities, online accessibility and more to help students with disabilities succeed.

When you use ADA on Campus: Reasonable Accommodations and Improving Access, you will get specific tools for:

  • Focusing institutional policy and practice on facilitators and barriers to access
  • Applying real-life strategies for offering reasonable accommodations
  • Integrating disability into your diversity initiatives
  • Identifying current and emerging enforcement trends
  • Balancing institutional rights and responsibilities
  • Developing a climate where access is everyone’s responsibility
  • Considering how access is affected by digital and social environments
  • Adapting best practices into your institutional setting
  • Recruiting and retaining qualified students and employees with disabilities

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